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Kisah Benar ~Shaklee Cinch Inch Loss Plan

Testimoni peserta Cinch Inch Loss yang mengalami rasa rendah diri melampau sebelum ini kerana sering dipandang rendah akibat mempunyai masalah berat badan berlebihan. Dengan berat badan sekarang, beliau diibaratkan mati hidup kembali kerana Mrs. Judy mampu melakukan aktiviti harian dengan lebih mudah dan selesa. Jom ikuti kisah selanjutnya di bawah :-)

Mrs. Judy Wilcox 
Lost 114lbs. with Cinch®*

Not that long ago, I weighed almost 300 pounds.  Today I am 114 pounds* lighter thanks to the Cinch Inch Loss Plan.  The weight loss was wonderful, but it’s not always about losing pounds.
I can remember strangers getting angry with me for one thing or another and yelling insulting remarks to me about my weight.  When I would fly commercially, I had to have an extension on my seat belt…people sometimes didn’t like to sit next to me because I was so big.  Climbing stairs was exhausting.  As a matter of fact, just walking to the mail box at the end of my driveway was a chore.
But now with the Cinch Inch Loss Plan, I feel like I’m in my twenties again! I joined a gym and am able to do exercises I never thought I’d do and/or couldn’t do when I was younger.  I walk at least two miles every single day.  Often I walk three miles and sometimes I walk five and a half miles.  One day, I was able to walk 8.5 miles…and felt great.
The Cinch Inch Loss Plan has been so very easy for me. Every product is pleasantly palatable.  I love the Cinch meal-in-a-bars.
I actually think I sometimes crave them.  The protein powder makes a creamy shake. I like to mix the chocolate with the cafĂ© latte.  I don’t suffer hunger pangs.  And, I feel good about the science behind the program.  I believe that Shaklee has formulated a plan that will keep me healthy as I lose the fat I don’t need while keeping the muscle I have.  Bottom line, my body is being fed good nutrition and I’m improving my health and life style as I lose weight.

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